I currently work as an Art Director at Claremont, helping clients in their everyday visual challenges. Before I started working as an employee, I ran my own design business – Blacktip – for almost seven years, and besides delivering UX- and visual design I learned a lot about managing projects, selling and negotiating contracts and also about the perks of being self employed (being able to skip work for a day of fishing for example). It now feels good to be part of a large team of professionals that together can do a lot more than a one-man-army can.
Apart from my daily work (which I'm very interested in), I also find great satisfaction in the following areas: family (wife & two kids), music production, fishing, photography, gaming (the occasional CoD-match or perhaps a level in Kingdom Rush on the iPad), cross country skiing (nerd alert), speed reading whatever comes out of Tom Clancy & Co, carpenting & fixing what's needed on the house … aaand … there's probably more.
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